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Comfort Properties Proposal for Real Estate Services

1. Company (Client) will provide the names and e-mail address of each Company employee requiring accomodations in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

2. Company will provide the name, phone and e-mail of the Project Leader or representative. 

3. Comfort Properties or its employees will not disclose the various price ranges of the proposed properties of each Company employee.

4. Registration of each Company Employee in our Real Estate Management Services prior to arrival in Ukraine. 

5. Upon registration of each individual and within 2-48 hrs, five properties meeting the outlined Company requirements specified for that Employee will be available for review. These properties can be reject or accepted prior to arrival in country. Properties rejected will be replaced with an alternative so that each client will always have five properties to choose from. 

6. All properties will be identified as either a "No Agency Fee" or "Agency Fee" property. Properties classified as "Agency Fee" will be subject to a fee equal to 50% of one months rent. 

7. Introduction to the Comfort Properties Management System to each employee contracted with Comfort Properties, and additioanlly an Company Project Manager. These management services includes:

-Secure access to an account where a client can receive, review and store information regarding their property search.

-Interact with our property manager, her staff and the property agent assign to show property to the client. 

Each account is a separate account only viewable to the specific Company employee and their Project Manager and the Comfort Properties staff assigned to that client. 

- Access to all account by a Company Project Manager with instant email notification of all interactions between an Company employee and the Comfort Property Staff. 

- Secure and private Instant Messaging between Company and Comfort Property staff.

- All accounts can be managed by logging in to our site or buy merely responding back to each email.

8. Google Map which will show the location of each proposed properties, to their office, the Hotel and any other points of references they may wish to include. 

9. Upon arrival in Kyiv, property found not suitable to the client will be replace immediately with another choice and ready for on-site inspection within 24 hours (Subject of availability of the owner or representative)

10. Once a property is accepted, negotiation will begin with the property owner or their representative.

11. Upon signing of each property an individual invoice will be prepared and submitted to Company for services  rendred at a rate of 50% of one months rent for non-contracted property (Agecy Fee). For contracted property (No Agency Fee) there is no charge to Company or its employees.

If you have any questions or concern, please contact our property manager at