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Interview with Anna Sidletskaya
Your Personal Consultant of Elite Real Estate in Kiev

GO2KIEV:  Please tell our readers about Comfort Properties which specializes in residential lease in Kiev.

Comfort Properties is all about finding the perfect home for the newly relocated expatriate as well as assisting with the move, sell or lease of a residence for Ukrainians.    As a real estate agent, I personally receive enormous satisfaction helping people find a home for very little hassle and for a great price.   There are many styles and price ranges to choose from in the Kiev real estate market for it really depends upon the client’s taste and budget though the aim is to always find the perfect space for comfort and success.  At the present, I focus entirely on apartments almost usually located in the city center for that is where most of my foreign clients choose to live.  The energy of the center seems to inspire many expatriates to venture out of their home and explore the young and old Kiev metropolis.

GO2KIEV:  What do you consider is most important to your client?

There are many factors related to what is essential to the client ranging from close proximity to their office; prestige and a successful image related to the building address; schools, parks and gardens that are nearby related to children and pets; easy accessibility to shopping centers, supermarkets, and public transport; also including, an interior that reflects personal taste whether it is new age modern or old world classic.    I ask each client to complete a detailed and comprehensive home search questionnaire in which queries are rated from most important, least important and non-applicable.   After paperwork completion, I get to work on thorough research of which is a skill and that I most enjoy,  for the ‘hunt’ to find  listings that are considered worthy of my client’s time.    Though, I must admit, on an occasion a client may completely change his mind, from what has been written in the questionnaire, and that is where my intuitive sense comes to play for I have to truly listen and observe carefully my client’s reaction with word and body language during the viewings.  It’s as though I have to psychologically evaluate and delve as to what is truly desired.

GO2KIEV:  How does your service as a real estate professional differ from others?

It is all in the details that engender exceptional and personalized service.   I can provide Property Management for those newly relocated foreigners who have no knowledge of the Kiev lifestyle, language and community.  For example, I can assist with the installation of television cable and internet access.  I can personally show how to pay for the communal fees (gas, electricity, water) as well as the home telephone bill.   Recently, there is great demand to find landlords who will agree to residential registration/ZHEK stamp for our expatriates absolutely need this document to proceed with a work permit and temporary registration.  My ability to negotiate and explain to Ukrainian landlords this very significant component is vital to the lease of their apartment to a foreign national.  If a client needs to buy or negotiate the purchase of home décor and furnishings, then I am there is act in the best interest to both the lessee and lessor that fits in the budget range.  My availability is 7 days week / 24 hours in a day, for there are times the typical working hours cannot complete the job related to questions, problems and service.    I am not focused on the dollar signs when negotiating a rental contract for I know that integrity speaks loudly for I sincerely want, if need be, a few clients rather than a lot so that each home search and property management service is  done in a most satisfactory manner.

GO2KIEV:  Do you encounter any difficulties with your job?

If there are aspects to my work that can be challenging then I would say payment bank transfers can be a bit worrisome as well as finding a suitable home for clients with children and pets for the unexpected does happen if either the family is not happy or the landlord can be finicky as to who lives inside their leased apartment.  Every profession has its areas that are not easy so that is why I aim to make all home search viewings and financial transactions run smoothly.

GO2KIEV:  What distinguishing qualities are needed to be a successful real-estate agent?

You have to like meeting people as well as chatting and building relationships for good communication is a must.  Being friendly and maintaining a good sense of humor under trying circumstances works favorably.  Possessing excellent negotiation skill, thinking analytically and acting assertively sets the tone for the closure of a lease.  Making one available by phone or email in not the typical 9-5 work time frame; thus, allowing for great flexibility and availability.     The most important and treasured feature in all of our lives is the ability to retreat to a safe haven – a home – where we can relax, rejuvenate and find balance.   That is why I am the founder and owner of Comfort Properties residential lease in Kiev.