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Our Tools

We believe in modern innovate technology to make property management and transactions as simple as possible. We not only use modern applications on our interactive website but apply the best technologies for our ”back office” too. Our website is the only site in Ukraine that incorporates Google Search and Google Map with ”Street View” in our interactive web design. 

Our software allows clients to download pdf's of the property they are viewing and invites property owners to upload photos and architectural drawing to our website for instant inclusion of their property on our website. 

”Online Chat” so that our clients can speak directly with an agent to find the answers to their questions before they arrive at the wrong property. We can also ”escort” our clients through our website to additional properties or locations giving them the ability to find the perfect property online. Instant ”request to view” registration where a client will then receive email notification of a time(s) available to view a property Comprehensive registration system that collect the information our employees require to better match clients with properties. On location amendments of lease agreements. Our documents are ready and available for review and revision online and therefore on location with the owner and client. Revisions, corrections and additions can be finished instantaneously and deliver to the location in minutes for signing.

For all our accounts, your information, records, invoices. emails and transactions are available 24/7 on our CRM database and deposited in our secure, redundant USA based server. All information is stored according to international laws to protect the information. None of the information we acquire is made available or for sale to any other party. Our client/management software enables us to keep all our transactions organized and available for any client to review all interaction and documentation in one place with any member of our staff at any time.

Our proprietary CRM property management software is secure, organized and stored for quick and simple retrieval. Our staff is equipped with Apple Computers, I-Phones, and I-Pads ( Our field agents have Apple I-Pads to help you locate and see property or review and amend agreement on location. Our managers have Apple I-phones that can access accounts from wherever they are, making a return to the office to review or retrieve a report or manage an ongoing client/agency interaction obsolete.

Our property and sales department uses innovative system like Google Analytics ( to assess properties competitiveness, measure sales and conversions in the market place plus Mavenlink Management System to create, assign, and manage the status of projects with online with features designed to streamline workflow and increase productivity and keep track of ongoing client interactions. All these features are integrated with Google Apps and our own software to help our employees manage all activities in organized and efficient manner.

Weekly, professionally designed mass emailing compaigns for all our exclusive properties delivered to more than 1400 agent and agencies in Ukraine and Russia. An example you can see here.

XML links where available to upload property to local, regional and international real estate search engine to make sure that are owner receive instantaneous market penetration worldwide. Comfort Properties has contracts and relationships with some of the leading real estate search engines and agencies worldwide. Our property is not only seen in Ukraine on our international website, but on real estate websites, in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia, USA, and China. We deliver maximum market penetration. We understand social networking and the market place.

Our Comfort Properties Facebook Site* is seen by over 112.000 potential viewing (and growing) each day. We are also active on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, VKontakte and other lesser known site including some in China. 

Professionally designed pdf presentations and brochures designed specifically for the market we wish to reach. For an example please click the link: