Earn from rent & Make your dreams come true
We provide our own method of successful Property Management

And as a result - you receive net rental income on your account
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After consultation we start your project
(30-40 minutes)
we prepare your property for Lease
(1-5 days)
Tenant Placement
we place good Tenant
(1-4 weeks)
Property Management
we take care of the rest by taking care your rental (flat, house, office)
(6-24 months)
Prices - Summer 2023
Fixed price per unit (room)

Inspection of the technical condition of real estate (repair and equipment)

Estimation of the market rental price

Improving interior decor to maximize rental value (cost of home decor is not included to the service price)

Calculation of profitability and investment return on rental


To get this Service provide:
- Access to your property OR send photo/video of property
- Signed Service Contract
- Payment of $250

100%, but no less than $700
Tenant Placement
Paid once per one Tenant Placement

Home Staging For Free

Listing a property

Showing property

Negotiation of contract terms

Verification of the applicant

Provision of a lease agreement template and preparing it for signing

Protection of owner's interests

Non-returnable deposit for service is 200$, rest payment of 500$ is to be paid after Lease Agreement is signed


To get this Service please provide:
- Owner Passport
- Documents for Ownership
- Signed Services Contract
- Prepayment of $200
- Keys
- Power of Attorney (in case of signing contract on your behalf)
Property Management
Fixed monthly prepayment, per unit

Home Staging For Free

Calculation and Payment of Utilities

Rental Maintenance

Financial Report of income and expenses

Signing the Lease Contract on behalf of the owner

Photo and video recording of acceptance and transfer of property to the Tenant

Additional paid services:
Monthly Tax Management and submission of the declaration of the owner (individual or private entepreneur) to the ukranian tax office: $50/month


To get this Service please provide:
- Owner Passport
- Documents for Ownership
- Signed Services Contract
- Payment of $150
- Keys
- Power of Attorney
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